Q. & A.

1. How long it takes to become a private pilot?
Since you have the advantage of studying in part 61 flight school which means you will get more one on one attention you can get your license very fast so it's really up to you how often you want to take lessons ,however the average time it takes to obtain a Private Pilot License is about 70 hours. The closer you keep the lesson the less time it will take.

2. What type of Flight School are you?
We are a part 61 Flight School. Meaning one on one Flight and ground instruction.

3. How fast can I get my Instrument rating and Commercial?
Once you completed your Private Pilot License, you need a minimum of 40 hours instrument training and 50 hours Cross Country flight time
(A Cross Country flight is more than 50NM from the departure airport to destination airport )

4. What kind of aircraft you teach in?
We train in Cessna, Piper, Beach craft (Single Engine and Multi Engine)

5. What time the classes take place?
We will fit to your schedule and since you have the advantage of learning in part 61 flight school meaning one on one instruction.

6. Is the study are difficult?
It is like anything else, i will guide you each step of the way and i will simplify it so you understand. I believe that if you enjoy doing anything you learn much faster!!!!

7. Is there a minimum age to learn to fly?
To fly by yourself meaning solo flight you have to be atleast 16 years old and you can obtain you're private pilot license at age of 17.

8. If i wear glasses can i learn to fly?
Absolutely, however i am strongly suggesting to get medical certificate as soon as possible .

9. How i obtain a medical Certificate and why i need it?
In order for anyone to fly solo and get a Private Pilot license you need to visit an Aviation medical examiner, the doctor will issue you a medical certificate which will be signed off by your Instructor and will become your student pilot license .

10. Once i get my license does it expired?
No, the Pilot license do not have expiration date.

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